SHELDON RH INC is an established reputable company with seven years’ experience within the Neutricitical and dietary supplement industry as also Sports and Vegan nutrition .

Our company is the manufacturer and distributor of our unique range of healthy products. The products are manufactured in an FDA-approved laboratory, ensuring you receive the very highest quality product. We are based in Dallas, Texas, and have a customer support and sales team of 50 staff members trained to excel in customer service and support.

You can easily contact us (click here) and speak to a real person if you wish. We are here to help you and we value our loyal clientèle.

Our company’s mission is to provide you with the best weight-loss product and service on the market—period. We deliver throughout the USA within two to three days and will deliver to the UK, Europe, Australia and many other destinations. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We are proud of our company and will endeavour to provide you with excellent service from the initial sale and introduction through to after sales and customer support.

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